Get HappySun and enjoy best from the sun


√    Personalized tips based on real-time UV

√    Personalized Time to Burn

√    Measure/ track your sun exposure and manage your daily sun dose

√    Photoprotection system: UVA and UVB erythema effective dose

√    Photoaging system: measure UVA photoageing effective dose and track VIS-IR skin photoageing

√    Vitamin D levels monitoring

√    Alerts for your sunbath stop

√    Find out how much sunscreen you need and personalized advice about how much sunscreen to apply

√    One-tap sunscreen reminders

√    Find the best sunscreen for you

√    UV Index Map

√    Sun exposure history




HappySun is a satellite-based mobile app controlling both erythemic and photoageing skin effects in real-time due to UV-A, UV-B, visible and infrared solar radiation.



Manage your daily sun dose

Keep control how much sun is enough for you in real time

Manage your sunburn/ redness


  • Avoid sunburn and get a sound alert when you’ve reached your personal safe dose of sunshine
  • Get personalised sun care monitoring based on the weather, geo-localisation, UV index, reflection from sun exposure surface (beach / stones / lawn/ ..), your skin type, what are you wearing, and sunscreen used.

Manage your skin photoageing


  • UV-A and VIS-IR photoageing are both estimated by HappySun in terms of differential photoageing radiation dose with respect to typical lifestyle
  • Typical exposure to outdoor solar radiation and living location are considered, as well as the spectral protection effects of any sunscreen applied (e.g. PPD, PA)

Manage your vitamin D levels


  • Soak up the sun for vitamin D too. You can maximise your daily vitamin D levels with a safe sun exposure.
  • An alert in the app advises you when you get your daily levels of Vitamin D at most.

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