Enjoy the best from the sun with HappySun technology


√   The world’s first multi-spectral solar radiation dosimeter in real-time (UV-B, UV-A, visible, infrared)


√   No UV sensor needed (satellite-based technology)


√   Any biological action spectrum applicable (e.g. erythema, vitamin D synthesis)



HappySun satellite-based technology is the World’s first sensorless solar radiation dosimeter, being able to monitor (in real-time) the impacts of solar radiation on human health, like sunburn and vitamin D synthesis.

Several mobile apps are currently based on this technology that takes into account the personal characteristics of any user (e.g. skin type), the environmental scenario and the sunscreen spectral properties of any dermocosmetic product applied to the skin. 

All the data retrieved by the apps are then used, in a GDPR-compliant way, for providing dedicated data analytics for both business intelligence,
epidemiological studies and dermo cosmetics clinical trials.

The technology can be fully customised according to the customer needs.



Manage your daily sun dose

Be in control of how much sun time is enough for you

Manage your sunburn


  • Avoid sunburn and get a sounded alert once you’ve had your personal safe dose of sunshine
  • Get personalised sun care monitoring based on the weather, live location, UV index, reflection from sun exposure surface (beach, stones, lawn, etc.), skin type, clothing and sunscreen used.

Manage your skin photoageing


  • UV-A and VIS-IR photoageing are both estimated by HappySun in terms of differential photoageing radiation dose with respect to typical lifestyle
  • Typical exposure to outdoor solar radiation and living location are considered, as well as the spectral protection effects of any sunscreen applied (e.g. PPD, PA)

Manage your vitamin D levels


  • Vitamin D is produced in the skin from exposure to sunlight. You can increase your vitamin D levels by going out in the sun.
  • An alert in the app notifies you when you have received enough sunlight to reach your recommended daily level of vitamin D.

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